Shou Sugi Ban Project Inspiration

Passive House in Issaquah, Washington. Dark gray Gendai shou sugi ban siding.

Issaquah Passive House

Floating House in Portland, Oregon. Linseed Light Gray Pika-Pika shou sugi ban siding.

Floating House

Gable and Plane

Swift Cabin

Ridgeline House by Elizabeth Herrmann Architecture + Design, Red House Building. Nakamoto Forestry Gendai yakisugi siding. Vermont, 2023.

Ridgeline House

German wine estate featuring Gendai and Pika-Pika shou sugi ban siding in Silver Grey finish.

Wine Estate Georg Breuer

Residence in Shelburne, Vermont featuring Pika-Pika shou sugi ban siding in Black and Amber finish colors.

Shelburne Pond Home

Rice Paddy House

House in Bad Berneck, Fichtel Mountains, Germany. Suyaki shou sugi ban siding in Ebony.

Fichtel Mountains House

Grand Ridge House

Nebo House

House in Burgenland, Austria. Gendai shou sugi ban siding in a transparent finish.

Burgenland House

Kota Small House

Bluff House

Octothorpe House

Offset House

Detached Forest House

Bainbridge Island House

Persimmon Tree House

Seattle Lakehouse

Triangle Roof House

Orcas House

Nordic Residence

Boat Race


East West House: Nakamoto Forestry Unoiled Gendai Shou Sugi Ban Project in Vermont

East West House

Mountain Pool House

Kure City Civic Center

Miyajima Ferry Terminal

Bridge House

Kirohara House

Private Garden Studio

Mercer Island House

Sheep Farm House

Revelstoke House

Virginia Lake House

Bellevue Arms

Atlanta Residence


Clyde Hill House

Tumble Creek Clubhouse

Black Shou Sugi Ban Siding

F-R Vancouver Residence

McLean Mansion

Bedford Retreat

Strawberry House

Aspen View House

Sag Harbor House

Boathouse ADU

Dekum Apartments

Franzen House

Cook Architecture Falls Church, VA

Sleepy Hollow House

East Cascades House

NE Forest House

Gorge House

Gladys Valley Marine Studies Building

Breckenridge House

Discovery Center

The Jackson: San Diego, CA - Gendai with Solar Shield Black

The Jackson

Elemental House

Hilltop House

Fairfax House

Ketchum House

Small Wood Pavilion

Springdale Residences

Fairfield Inn

Jazz House

Solar Studio ADU

Suyaki – Exterior Ebony Siding

Redwood House

Hill Country Residence

L Residence

Avon House

Broadview Guest House

CWA Care

Dingle Street Residence

Colorado Prof. Fire Fighters Center

Midvale House

Tool Productions

Yoga Studio

Modern Farmhouse

Cliff Residence

S Residence

Chotto Matte Miami

A Residence

Gethsemani Catholic Chapel

Slender House

Ten Thousand Waves Resort

Pubbelly Sushi

Red Rabbit Restaurant

M Residence


Choose Your Surface

Sugi, Suyaki, Gendai or Pika-Pika

Select an Oil Prefinish

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Decide which wood grade

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Confirm shiplap or square edge

Lay out the walls and measure volumes