Exterior and Interior Unburned Japanese Cypress Siding

What Is Sugi?

Natural Cypress - Japanese Cedar Siding

Sugi is Japanese for Cryptomeria japonica and is a monotypic genus in the cypress family indigenous to Japan.

Use Of Sugi

It is often called Japanese cedar and is utilized primarily for construction lumber due to high rigidity and quick drying.

Nakamoto Forestry's Sugi

We specialize in the Hachiro variety used specifically for siding in western Japan. Our sugi is milled and graded for maximum durability in exterior applications and showcasing the inherently beautiful grain.

Sugi Finishes

2 Finish Options

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Sugi Product BREAKDOWN

Choose Your Surface

Sugi, Suyaki, Gendai or Pika-Pika

Select an Oil Prefinish

Color options to match your design

Decide Which Wood Grade

Standard select or JOKO premium clear

Confirm Shiplap or Square Edge

Lay out the walls and measure volumes

  • All
  • Dark
  • Exterior
  • Interior
  • Light
  • Midtones
Gendai™ - Linseed Amber
Exterior. Gendai™ - Unoiled
Gendai™ - Alkyd Natura
Gendai™ - Linseed Brown
Gendai™ - Alkyd Brown, exterior & interior.
Gendai™ - Linseed Dark Gray
Gendai™ - Select Alkyd Dark Gray
Gendai™ - Linseed Light Gray
Gendai™ - Weathering Stain Silver
Pika-Pika - Linseed Oil Black
Pika-Pika - Alkyd Oil Black
Pika-Pika - Linseed Oil Natural Tone
Pika-Pika - Alkyd Oil Natural Tone
Pika-Pika - Polyurethane Clear. Interior.
Pika-Pika™ - Linseed Oil Rustic Brown.
Pika-Pika™ - Alkyd Oil Dark Gray
Pika-Pika™ - Linseed Oil Light Gray
Pika-Pika™ - Alkyd Oil Light Gray
Pika-Pika™ - Linseed Oil White
Pika-Pika™ - Alkyd Oil White
Pika-Pika™ - Unoiled
Sugi Clear Grade Weathering Stain Silver


  • All
  • Dark
  • Exterior
  • Interior
  • Light
  • Midtones