Shou Sugi Ban Products

34 Finishes

Suyaki® with Tung Oil Black

Suyaki® with Poly Black

Gendai® Linseed Black Select Grade

Gendai® – Linseed Oil Black

Pika-Pika® – Acrylic Black

Gendai® – Acrylic Black

Gendai® Alkyd Black Select grade

Gendai® – Alkyd Oil Black

Gendai™ - Linseed Amber

Gendai® – Linseed Oil Amber

Gendai Unoiled Select Grade

Gendai® – Unoiled

Gendai® - Alkyd Natural Clear grade

Gendai® – Alkyd Oil Natural

Gendai™ - Linseed Brown

Gendai® – Linseed Oil Brown

Gendai® - Alkyd Oil Brown Select grade

Gendai® – Alkyd Oil Brown

Gendai™ - Linseed Dark Gray

Gendai® – Linseed Oil Dark Gray

Gendai™ - Select Alkyd Dark Gray

Gendai® – Alkyd Oil Dark Gray

Gendai™ - Linseed Light Gray

Gendai® – Linseed Oil Light Gray

Gendai® – Alkyd Oil Light Gray

Gendai™ - Weathering Stain Silver

Gendai® – Weathering Stain Silver

Pika-Pika - Linseed Oil Black

Pika-Pika® – Linseed Oil Black

Pika-Pika - Alkyd Oil Black

Pika-Pika® – Alkyd Oil Black

Pika-Pika - Linseed Oil Natural Tone

Pika-Pika® – Linseed Oil Natural

Pika-Pika - Alkyd Oil Natural Tone

Pika-Pika® – Alkyd Oil Natural

Pika-Pika - Polyurethane Clear. Interior.

Pika-Pika® – Polyurethane Clear

Pika-Pika® – Linseed Oil Amber

Pika-Pika™ - Linseed Oil Rustic Brown.

Pika-Pika® – Linseed Oil Brown

Pika-Pika® – Alkyd Oil Brown

Pika-Pika® – Linseed Oil Dark Gray

Pika-Pika™ - Alkyd Oil Dark Gray

Pika-Pika® – Alkyd Oil Dark Gray

Pika-Pika™ - Linseed Oil Light Gray

Pika-Pika® – Linseed Oil Light Gray

Pika-Pika™ - Alkyd Oil Light Gray

Pika-Pika® – Alkyd Oil Light Gray

Pika-Pika™ - Linseed Oil White

Pika-Pika® – Linseed Oil White

Pika-Pika® - Alkyd Oil White

Pika-Pika® – Alkyd Oil White

Pika-Pika® Unoiled Select Grade

Pika-Pika® – Unoiled

Suyaki® – Unoiled

Sugi – Unoiled

Sugi Clear Grade Weathering Stain Silver

Sugi – Weathering Stain Silver


Coil Nails

Hand Drive Nails



Choose Your Surface

Sugi, Suyaki, Gendai or Pika-Pika

Select an Oil Prefinish

Color options to match your design

Decide Which Wood Grade

Standard select or JOKO premium clear

Confirm Shiplap or Square Edge

Lay out the walls and measure volumes