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Sugi – Weathering Stain SILVER

Sugi Clear Grade Weathering Stain Silver

High-grade Japanese sugi siding and paneling. Simple sawn straight logs, graded for color and grain, then sanded. Suitable for exterior applications only. Delivered with factory stain ready to install. Substitute on projects where North American cedar or cypress are specified.

Silver weathering stain is designed to mimic the look of aged, silver wood. The finish will wash away within the first couple of years, leaving you with a beautiful and consistent gray-silver color. The color will continue to change and patina over time. 

Get ready for long-lasting beauty with no hassle; this finish does not require maintenance. The best results will start to show within six months of installation.

Pricing, Dimensions and Grades Available

Select Grade (with knots)

NM2013 Sugi UNOILED Standard Grade

Clear Grade (without knots)

Sugi Unoiled Clear Grade Wood Siding

Weathering Stain with Silver Pigment

This product comes with a factory weathering stain pre-loaded with silver pigment and is delivered ready to install. This is a maintenance-free product due to millwork and heat treatment. 


Minimum order volume is 400 square feet for the order’s first line item. Standard lead time is 2~3 weeks PO to ship-ready, then add 1~2 weeks for shipping. Please order at least 5 weeks before needed at site, and note that lead time can go up if we are oversold on specific items.


1×6 Shiplap Dimensions

  • Nominal 1x6x12
  • 5 5/16 inches (135mm) actual reveal
  • 145 11/16 inches (3700mm) actual length
  • 5.33 SF/piece

1×6 Square Edge Dimensions

  • Nominal 1x6x12
  • 5 11/16 inches (145mm) actual reveal
  • 145 11/16 inches (3700mm) actual length
  • 5.75 SF/piece

1×8 Shiplap Dimensions

  • Nominal 1x8x12
  • 7 5/16 inches (185mm) actual reveal
  • 145 11/16 inches (3700mm) actual length
  • 7.33 SF/piece

1×8 Square Edge Dimensions

  • Nominal 1x8x12
  • 7 11/16 inches (195mm) actual reveal
  • 145 11/16 inches (3700mm) actual length
  • 7.75 SF/piece

*Dimensional shrinkage after manufacture is possible due to being a solid-sawn wood product.

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