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Nakamoto Forestry
North America

Tel. +1-503-512-6780
Fax +1-503-828-3665
Warehouse & Office – (by Appt. ONLY)
6400 SE 101st Ave Unit 2C
Portland OR 97266

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4110 SE Hawthorne Blvd #190
Portland OR 97214



Nakamoto Forestry is the largest siding mill in Japan and the only company supplying the West with correctly manufactured yakisugi from actual sugi trees.


Highest Quality

We grow and purchase only the highest grade logs, follow rigid traditional millwork guidelines, have optimized a proprietary heat-treatment process over several decades, and hand-grade each plank of wood at least 9 times before shipment.


Best Value

We offer affordable, flat-rate pricing, without any layers of outsourcing or contract distribution. Compare our cost and quality to other options on the market and see for yourself.