Coronavirus Update: The entire Nakamoto Forestry group has implemented a rigid pandemic sanitation and compliance protocol, we are considered an essential business due to supplying to the construction industry, our CDC risk designation is lowest tier, and we have over 9 months inventory ready to ship stocked in our Portland, Oregon, warehouse. Some of our office staff are working at home, but Production is full steam ahead and we do not anticipate delivery time extensions or any other problems supplying customer projects under Governor Kate Brown’s current Executive Order.

The World’s Preeminent Source of Japanese Yakisugi “Shou Sugi Ban” Charred Wood Siding

Nakamoto Forestry is the largest manufacturer of yakisugi “shou sugi ban” in the world and distributes mill to jobsite within North American from inventory in Portland, Oregon.  Our four mills in Hiroshima and Tokushima operate custom automated lines to produce high-grade and affordable siding.  In Japan we have owned and managed timberlands for several decades, using the logs our harvest teams bring in to mill the most consistent yakisugi available anywhere.  We would like the international community to appreciate that Japan has always had a large domestic forestry industry focused on quality, value, and sustainability.



Nakamoto Forestry is the largest siding mill in Japan and the only company supplying the West with correctly manufactured yakisugi from actual sugi trees.


Highest Quality

We grow and purchase only the highest grade logs, follow rigid traditional millwork guidelines, have optimized a proprietary heat-treatment process over several decades, and hand-grade each plank of wood at least 9 times before shipment.


Best Value

We offer affordable, flat-rate pricing, without any layers of outsourcing or contract distribution. Compare our cost and quality to other options on the market and see for yourself.

Our Yakisugi “Shou Sugi Ban” Products

“Shou Sugi Ban” or


Learn What You Should Call It, And Why

The black siding and paneling commonly seen on modern projects in North America and Europe is inspired by traditional Japanese heat-treated wood siding called yakisugi.  In the West the vernacular is “shou-sugi-ban”, but this is a misreading of the word 焼杉板, correctly read as “yakisugi-ita”.  Yakisugi is not originally an expensive, high-design product as it has been marketed in the West—it is a standard building material used in Japan for centuries.

3 Easy Steps: How to Order

nakamoto-Choose Product

1. Choose Product

We offer 3 surfaces, 2 grades, 4 profiles, and about 20 oil finish options, so all 4 of these specs need to be decided on each line item. Please tell us about your project (interior/exterior, volume, color range you’re after, etc.) and we’ll send budget cost as well as samples. Consult with your team and with us to make your choice and clarify install details. – Learn More

nakamoto-Place Order

2. Place Order

Send us your project information and each line item specification and volume, then expect a formal Proposal by email within 2 weekdays. Once the quote is sent back to us signed, we’ll send an Invoice with payment instructions. After the Invoice is paid in full, we’ll put your order through production. Unless large volume, your order will be ready to ship within 2 weeks. Order enough wood! – Learn More

nakamoto-Receive Yakisugi-

3. Receive & Install Yakisugi

After shipment we’ll send tracking info, and heads up, wood is big and heavy! You’re going to need a forklift to offload. Proper installation is critical to the longevity and beauty of your project. On exterior applications this means furring and headed face nails. – Learn More