Nebo House

Gendai 1×4 select grade S3S – Alkyd Brown
Pika-Pika 1×6 select grade S3S – Linseed Amber

Nebo, NC

Project Overview:

From Fuller / Overby:

“The site for the Nebo House is a long, narrow plot in the Appalachian foothills that slopes downward to Lake James. The main floor is embedded into the hillside, like a hunter’s blind, with a central courtyard splitting the primary program into two wings.

To the east of the courtyard are social areas and to the west is a private sleeping and bathing suite—day and night. A hall which acts as a mechanical and structural spine along the rear retaining wall connects the private and public spaces. The larger, public zones of the interior radiate outward from the courtyard and gradually break up into more intimate niches around the periphery that provide semi-private moments within the open living areas.

Views are focused outward to the lake, while southern light filters in from clerestory windows above. A sculpted cantilever staircase slices upward to the entry and guest rooms, forming a continuous three dimensional void capped by a skylight at its peak. Above grade, the house appears as a cluster of small pavilions along the hillside, framing the lake and mountains beyond.”

Product 1: Gendai 1×4 select grade S3S
Prefinish: Alkyd Brown
Product 2: Pika-Pika select grade S3S
Prefinish: Linseed Amber
Application: Residential – Exterior
SF: 3,400 SF
Architect: Fuller / Overby
Builder: Cottonwood Development
Photography: Paul Warchol