McLean Mansion

Pika-Pika 1×6 select grade shiplap – Linseed Brown

McLean, VA

Project Overview:

From The Washington Post: “Developer Ahmad Khreshi of Northern Virginia-based Home Perfection Contracting isn’t afraid to take risks when building a house. He embraces the unexpected, challenging his architect, interior designer and builder to experiment with new techniques. This house in McLean, Va., is his most ambitious project to date.

Instead of remodeling an existing house such as the one that was featured as a House of the Week in 2016, Khreshi built an entirely new one.

Khreshi worked with architect Peter VanderPoel and designer Karen Bengel to create a modern house that borrows from Frank Lloyd Wright’s philosophy of incorporating the house in the landscape. The house has three distinct masses — garage, living and bedroom — and three levels, each one set at a different ground level.

The layout of the structure is one aspect of the design. Another is the influence of Mondrian style, named for Piet Mondrian, a modern abstract artist who popularized paintings with colorful arrangements of squares and rectangles.

“We wanted something different,” he said. “That’s what we are on the hunt for. We needed the house to stand out from the rest [of the houses], yet belong to the neighborhood.”

Designed first by hand and then by computer, the asymmetrical window pattern is laid out in the Mondrian style, which is ­repeated in the asymmetrical ­design of the Hardie board (fiber-cement siding) on one side of the house. The opposite side and the middle section are a combination of brick and yakisugi carbonized-wood siding. The yakisugi siding is heat-treated in a way similar to an ancient Japanese technique, with the wood burned to give it a carbon layer that protects it from insects and decay.”

Read the full article on The Washington Post here.


Product: Pika-Pika 1×6 Shiplap
Finish: Linseed Brown
Application: Residential – Exterior
SF: 2,600 SF
Designer: Design Milieu
Architect: VanderPoel Architecture
Builder: Home Perfection Contracting
Year Built: 2020