Kota Small House

Sugi  – Exterior Grade Transparent Finish
(Available in Japan only)

Onomichi, Hiroshima, Japan

Project Overview:

This house was built with a focus on minimalism. A decaying storage space was renovated by the architect and designer into a 200 SF house that provides comfortable living. 

This house was also built with a focus on utilizing materials to reduce their overall environmental impact. This was all accomplished without sacrificing on the design. 

The original structure of the building was built using traditional Japanese construction methods, in which the old framework was reinforced with Japanese hinoki wood inside during the renovation. The inner layer of the framework, building foundation, and beams are all constructed using traditional Japanese techniques.

The use of sugi bark on the building is commonly seen in traditional buildings in Kyoto and Kurashiki. Sugi bark is water-resistant and serves to protect the building from rain during the rainy season when rain is prone to splash up. Hinoki wood is used for the interiors, with pine wood flooring and thickly coated earthen walls that are cracked for a rustic finish.


Product: Sugi
Prefinish: Exterior Grade Transparent Finish (available in Japan only)
Application: Residential – Exterior
Designer: Kunimoto Kenchikudo
Builder: Kunimoto Kenchikudo
Year Built: 2022
Location: Onomichi, Hiroshima, Japan

Project Photos