Virginia Lake House

Pika-Pika 1×6 select grade – Alkyd Black

Falls Church, VA

Project Overview:

From Robert Gurney Architects:

“Woven into the hillside, the house is designed in service to the landscape. Protection of mature trees in combination with strict environmental laws and Resource Protection Area setback requirements guided the siting of the house.   In deference to the ranch houses that surround it, the entry-level is almost a full story below the road, allowing the house to have a low, horizontal presence as viewed from the street.

The house departs from the “sea of sameness”, incorporating a large glass entry space and modern and durable exterior materials. These include FSC Mahogany siding, Shou Sugi Ban Siding, concrete, weathering steel, Terne-coated stainless steel, and Fiber Cement Panels. These materials are selected to work within the woodland context. 

The house becomes a stage for the theater of nature, fostering an emotional connection to the inherently beautiful lake environment. The presence of the lake is immediately consumed upon entering and is choreographed while descending an open staircase to the double-height main living level. Except for one second-floor bedroom, all the spaces actively incorporate substantial lake views. Interior spaces are polished and restrained, tranquil and intricate. Wood walls, stone, and concrete extend seamlessly to the interior, further enhancing the relationship between the inside and outside.” 


Product 1: Pika-Pika 1×6 select grade S3S
Prefinish: Alkyd Black
Application: Residential – Exterior
SF: 3,350 SF
Designer: Robert Gurney Architects
Builder: Potomac Valley Builders
Anice Hoachlander
Year Built: 2021