Detached Forest House

Suyaki 1×6 select grade shiplap – Tung Oil Black

Gerbrunn, Germany

Project Overview:

Via Nakamoto Forestry Europe

On the outskirts of Würzburg in Bavaria you will find the small, picturesque village of Gerbrunn. There, in the midst of unspoiled nature, a young family of four has settled down and built their home.

The aim was to create an architecturally outstandingly beautiful house, characterized by large window fronts that provide a bright living space and a view of nature, combined with the demand for natural materials of the highest quality.

Therefore, the choice fell on our Suyaki®; it sets contrasts with its deep black charred surface, and at the same time creates a harmonious connection with the other building materials thanks to its naturalness.


Product 1: Suyaki 1×6 select grade shiplap
Prefinish: Tung Oil Black
Application: Residential – Exterior
SF: 3,230 SF
Architect: Martin Schroth
Builder: Laurin Teichmann | BundAxt
Photographer: Johannes Zettel
Year Built: 2021
Location: Gerbrunn, Germany

Project Photos