Mountain Pool House

Gendai 1×6 select grade shiplap – Alkyd Dark Grey
Pika-Pika 1×6 select grade shiplap –  Linseed Brown

Warren, VT

Project Overview:

From Architect Elizabeth Herrmann: 

“A run-down pool house was removed and in its place this new, energy-efficient, low-maintenance pool house was born.  As both poolside entertainment and year-round guest space just minutes from Mad River area ski resorts, the new building is proving to be a well-used addition to the property.

Characterized by sculptural, offset boxes, the form of the building is playful in appearance but also practical.  The shifting volumes shape interior and exterior spaces.  Upper overhangs create much-needed space while enabling us to utilize the old pool house’s foundation.  Contrasting siding–two types of charred and pigmented cypress (aka shou sugi ban or yakisugi)– highlights the interplay of forms.  Strategically placed large windows frame mountain views, guide with daylight, help define interior nooks, and provide overlooks to the pool area.  Two large, sliding doors at the pool side of the house allow for easy indoor/outdoor flow.  Integrated fully within the house form is a shaded outdoor grille area with plenty of space for food preparation and serving–neatly tucked away but convenient.  Pool equipment and storage are also fully integrated into the structure and out-of-view.

The palette is rugged and low-maintenance: A polished and dyed concrete lower level slab, tiles, laminate cabinetry, and engineered stone counters ensure worry-free use and ease of cleaning.  Exterior siding and aluminum-clad windows require no re-finishing.  Plaster interior walls lend softness and light play.

A benefit to working with the old pool house’s footprint was that we were able to work around existing mature plantings and hardscape.  Once the building was complete, stone paving was infilled where needed, a new front path was added, and the pool house was ready to go!”


Product 1: Gendai 1×6 select grade shiplap
Prefinish: Alkyd Dark Gray
Product 2: Pika-Pika 1×6 select grade shiplap
Prefinish: Linseed Brown
Application: Residential – Exterior
SF: 3,000 SF
Architect: Elizabeth Herrmann
Builder: Red House Building
Photography: Ryan Bent