Persimmon Tree House

Gendai – Black

Himeji, Hyōgo, Japan

Project Overview:

The Persimmon Tree House seamlessly blends modern and traditional design elements, utilizing stones from the surrounding area and incorporating yakisugi siding to match the traditional houses in the village. Architect Mr. Horiuchi grew up in a town with old buildings and chose yakisugi for his own home, which he designed to be part of the surrounding community. The Nagamori Architect Design Office philosophy is to create buildings that fit in with their surroundings, and the homeowner plans to let the natural patina of the siding age, just like the other traditional houses in the area. The 300-year-old persimmon tree was also preserved.


Product: Gendai – Black
Prefinish: Black (Available in Japan only)
Application: Residential – Exterior
Designer: Nagamori Architect Design
Builder: Konoike Construction
Year Built: 2021
Location: Himeji, Hyōgo, Japan

Project Photos

March 2021

November 2022