Octothorpe House

Gendai 1×8 select grade S3S – Linseed Amber

Bend, OR

Project Overview:

From DesignBoom:

“When viewed from above, Octothorpe House by Mork-Ulnes Architects takes the form of the versatile symbol after which it was named. Set in the wild landscape of a high plateau in the Oregon desert, the home is designed for flexible, nature-based living and is heavily influenced by the shapes, colors, and textures of its surroundings in both its design and materiality. The structure is built to be environmentally friendly and is constructed of locally manufactured cross-laminated timber (CLT), while the charred wood matches the color palette of the arid landscape.”

Product 1: Gendai 1×8 select grade S3S
Prefinish: Linseed Amber
Application: Residential – Exterior
SF: 3,300 SF
Design:  Mork-Ulnes Architects
Photography: Jeremy Bittermann
Builder: Trevor Lee Downing
Videography: Juan Benavides
Year Built: 2021