Pika-Pika is made by passing the yakisugi “shou sugi ban” planks through a wire brushing process that removes all loose soot from the softer spring growth rings and leaves the late wood as contrasting burnt ridges. It is a topographic, textured surface that follows the wood grain, and we hand-grade after surfacing to achieve a consistent blend of heartwood and sapwood lot to lot.  We have traditional oil as well as alkyd oil prefinish options in various pigment colors available.

Oil Prefinish Colors:

SKU: NM1706
Pika-Pika with Solar Shield BLACK
SKU: NM1611
Pika-Pika with Penofin EBONY
SKU: NM1920
Pika-Pika with Solar Shield RUSTIC BROWN
SKU: NM1715
Pika-Pika with Armstrong RUSTIC BROWN
SKU: NM1724
Pika-Pika with Armstrong AMBER
SKU: NM1705
Pika-Pika with Solar Shield NATURAL
SKU: NM1710
Pika-Pika with Armstrong NATURALTONE
SKU: NM1814
Pika-Pika with Penofin DARK GRAY
SKU: NM1923
Pika-Pika with Solar Shield DARK GRAY
SKU: NM1813
Pika-Pika with Penofin MEDIUM GRAY
SKU: NM1922
Pika-Pika with Solar Shield MEDIUM GRAY
SKU: NM1812
Pika-Pika with Penofin LIGHT GRAY
SKU: NM1921
Pika-Pika with Solar Shield LIGHT GRAY
SKU: NM1609
Pika-Pika with Penofin MIST
SKU: NM1924
Pika-Pika with Solar Shield WHITE

Pika-Pika Inventory Available:

1. Select grade nominal 1×6×12 shiplap
2. Select grade nominal 1×4×12 S3S boards (limited stock)
3. Select grade nominal 1×6×12 S3S boards
4. Select grade nominal 1×8×12 S3S boards
5. Premium select clear grade nominal 1×6×12 shiplap
6. Premium select clear grade nominal 1×6×12 S3S boards (limited stock)

Pika-Pika Completed Projects