Suzuki+Kidd Architects Suyaki Charred Wood Siding Project Nominated for Office Design Award

Yamato Transport Charred Wood Project Named Finalist in SBID Awards

Nakamoto Forestry North America is honored to have our Suyaki shou sugi ban featured in Yamato Transport USA’s recent remodel project. The redesign was lead by Suzuki+Kidd Architects and is now a finalist in the London-based SBID Awards for Office Design. Our charred wood siding was used as a feature in the lobby and conference room with a beautiful end result. 

From Suzuki + Kidd Architects: 

“Suzuki + Kidd Architects was hired by Yamato Transport USA to revitalize their Chicago Gateway Branch office which remained largely unchanged since its original construction in the 1980’s. The design focuses on spatial fluidity, occupant comfort and structured organization. Spatial fluidity was achieved by opening up the office with removing opaque surfaces and incorporating louvered screens, transparent and translucent surfaces. The indoor air quality, thermal comfort, and task lighting were improved by installing a new HVAC system , exterior wall system, and LED lighting throughout the offices. Custom workstations were designed to optimize employee workflow organization and the overall space efficiency in the office.”

Project Highlights: 

  • Open floor plan for spatial fluidity
  • New LED lighting and HVAC system for occupant workplace comfort
  • New exterior glazing system to minimize air infiltration and solar heat gain
  • Japanese design elements including shou sugi ban/yakisugi wall panels and a pebble floor border
  • Custom millwork including a glass and wood screen conference table

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