Perforated J-Bar


PJ34B10 Perforated rain screen J-bar for 3/4″ furring mill finish – $7.50 / pc
PJ12B10 Perforated rain screen J-bar for 1/2″ furring mill finish – $7.00 / pc
Perforated rain screen J-bar for 3/8″ furring mill finish –  $6.50 / pc

Use these products for a polished appearance, efficient installation and to achieve optimal durability. Nakamoto Forestry does not require the purchase of accessories as part of a lumber package. However, accessories used must meet our installation parameters and local code. Always follow manufacturer installation requirements.

PJ38B10: Net free area for air flow (per 10’L) = 5.1 square in.
PJ12B10: Net free area for air flow (per 10’L) = 7.1 square in.
PJ34B10: Net free area for air flow (per 10’L) = 10.7 square in.
– Intake or Exhaust
– Mill finish aluminum
– 1/8″ x 7/32″ staggered hole pattern
– 0.032 gauge metal stock
– 10’ lengths
– See profile diagram for specific dimensions


Orders allowed only for customers purchasing our wood products.

Exteriors must be properly sealed and flashed in a shingle fashion to prevent moisture intrusion and buildup. Always have a design professional review project installation parameters relative to your local building code and regional best practices for managing moisture and water vapor in your area.