Hand-Drive Nails

Standard 2" ring-shank hand-drive siding nails painted black
Hand Drive Nails - 2 - 2023

HNB20 hand-drive nails 2" painted black - $75 / box

Use these fastenings for a polished, efficient installation, and to achieve optimal durability. Nakamoto Forestry does not require the purchase of accessories as part of a lumber package. However, accessories used must meet our installation parameters and local code. Always follow manufacturer installation requirements.


– SS316 hand-drive nail with a small head, ideal for our siding and custom factory-painted black
– Type 316 stainless steel for superior corrosion resistance in marine applications
– Etched before painting in a two-step process to minimize flaking and scuffing
– Underhead fillet allows nails to be driven flush without crushing the surrounding wood
– Annular ring-shank increases withdrawal resistance and reduces plank cupping
– Slender gauge and diamond point for easier driving and less bending


- 6 penny (6d)
- 2″ length
- 5# box, +/- 975 pcs (covers +/- 1,000 SF of 6" shiplap)
- Full round checkered head
- Type 316 stainless steel
- Head diameter 0.219", 1/4"
- Shank diameter 0.099"
- Annular-ring shank
- Diamond point
- 13 gauge


Nail orders allowed only for customers purchasing our wood products. Credit cards accepted for additional nail orders. Allow 1 week for order processing and delivery.

Exteriors must be properly sealed and flashed in a shingle fashion to prevent moisture intrusion and buildup. Always have a design professional review project installation parameters relative to your local building code and regional best practices for managing moisture and water vapor in your area.

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