Nakamoto Forestry’s European Branch is Now One Year Old!

The Nakamoto Forestry’s EU branch in Düsseldorf, Germany, has now been open for one year and things are ramping up. Martin and Andreas are running a tight ship, having tested and selected a range of oil finishes manufactured in Europe, set up their prefinish operation, and have been shipping orders ongoing for quite a while now.

Inquiries are through the roof and they are supporting shou sugi ban projects across all of Europe and the Middle East. After only one year they are sending out almost as many samples and quotes daily as we are after five years. 

Production and inventory are scaling up as well in preparation for the 2021 build season. Interest is concentrated in Germany, the UK, and France, but also strong in Austria, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, and throughout the Middle East.

They have even been featured on a German public TV station!

“In our first year developing the European markets, we learned about the strong desire of our customers to find ecological and sustainable products based on genuine craftmanship and deep traditional roots. This is why we have been overwhelmed with the huge interest in the manyfold European markets.”

Martin Gottschlich, Managing Director – Nakamoto Forestry Europe

The pandemic has been a challenge and this is expected to continue for several months. The European governments have shut their operation down several times and many projects have been delayed due to logistical challenges associated with the pandemic.

We wish all of our European customer friends the very best health and good fortune in the new year.

Please visit the European operation’s site to learn more.

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