Gladys Valley Marine Studies Building

We at Nakamoto Forestry North America are incredibly proud to have been a part of this innovative building design. The Gladys Valley Marine Studies Building in Newport, OR is a collaborative effort by Oregon State University and Hatfield Marine Science Center to expand their coastal research center and also provide safety and supplies to over 900 people for up to two days in the event of a tsunami or earthquake.

“The MSB uses state-of-the-art architectural and engineering techniques to make it one of the first “vertical evacuation” tsunami sites in the United States. The building will also dramatically increase the Hatfield campus’ marine science education and research capacity.

The building is designed to withstand a 9+ earthquake and to survive an XXL tsunami event. The building is designed to be repairable after a large (L) tsunami event.

A ramp on the outside of the building leads from the ground level to the roof of this three-story structure. The roof of the building is 47 feet high, and it is designed to serve as an emergency assembly site for more than 900 people after a Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake.”

Via Oregon State University

We provided 1×6 select grade shiplap Gendai and 1×4 select grade shiplap custom profile Pika-Pika for this project, both with a custom prefinish as designated by the designer (Yost GrubeHall). Our yakisugi was installed over an Accoya furring bed at 12″ on-center, which in turn was installed over a Green Girt cladding support structure (see images at bottom of this post). All wood used on the cladding is fire-retardant-treated. The project was contracted by Andersen Construction, and Skyline Sheetmetal executed the meticulous cladding installation. Full project details and additional images can be found on our portfolio page here.

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