Suyaki is the most traditional and easily recognizable of our yakisugi “shou sugi ban” products, often called “alligator” in the west.  Due to the thick, hydrophobic, UV-inhibiting soot layer, Suyaki has the best wood and color longevity as well as incredible fire resistance.  We apply oil prefinishes to solidify the soot layer, making installation easier, minimizing blemishes, and preventing soot from coming off when touched. Suyaki is a true 100+ year, maintenance-free siding option.

Prefinish Options:

SKU: NM1686
Suyaki Interior BLACK
Suyaki Interior BLACK
SKU: NM1685
Suyaki Exterior EBONY

Suyaki Inventory Available:

1. Select grade nominal 1×6×12 shiplap
2. Select grade nominal 1×6×12 S3S boards
3. Select grade nominal 1×8×12 S3S boards

Suyaki Completed Projects