Rendering Field Images for Architects & Designers

Realistic renderings of projects are incredibly important to the design process for architects and designers, and can cultivate an environment of trust between you and the client. In today’s economy of visual currency, sometimes the most effective way to show someone an idea is to show them an accurate picture, or in the case of the recent advent of VR, a virtual tour of what the finished product could look like. Communication is a key component of ensuring that both parties are happy with any design, and being able to create a detailed visual depiction of your prospective project is a huge advantage over those in the industry who aren’t utilizing these powerful tools.

With that said, we’re very excited to announce that we’ve created a set of Yakisugi (shou sugi ban) images specifically for use in architectural renderings and made them available for download from our site. These ten images cover a wide range of different colors and surface types from our product catalogue, giving you plenty of variety and versatility to work with for designs incorporating our yakisugi. We hope you to try them out and let us know what you think!

Rendering Field Images-Shousugiban sample tiles - Nakamoto Forestry

Rendering Field Images, product specs, profile diagrams and other useful design tools can be found on our Specs & T&Cs page here

Rendering Field Images-download link - Nakamoto Forestry
Rendering Field Images-zip download example - Nakamoto Forestry

Click on the “Rendering Field Images” link and the .zip file containing all 10 images will automatically begin to download. Once finished, simply unzip the file and you will be ready to start using them for your projects and renderings. Enjoy!

Below are some rendering examples using the images of our Yakisugi provided in the zip file.
Rendering Example Using Yakisugi Images from Nakamoto Forestry
Rendering Example Using Yakisugi Images from Nakamoto Forestry