How to Order Yakisugi “Shou Sugi Ban”

How To Order Yakisugi (Shou Sugi Ban)

Manufacturer-Direct to Save Time, Lower Cost, and Receive Technical Support

Japanese yakisugi “shou sugi ban” is heat-treated wood cladding installed with the same techniques as all wood cladding. Most projects are shipped ready to install, with an oil prefinish to bond in surface soot, give the desired color tone, and slow down color weathering over time. Suyaki and Pika-Pika must be prefinished, Gendai can be installed with or without oil prefinish.

Cost range is $5~$13/SF with most projects within $6~$8/SF. Common carrier freight from Portland, Oregon, to your jobsite, contractor warehouse, or local lumberyard is on top of wood cost, so additional 30c~$2/SF cost depending on volume and delivery location. Minimum order volume is 400 square feet for the order’s first line item. Standard lead time is 2 weeks PO to ship-ready (we are 100% on-time), then add 1~2 weeks for shipping. Please order at least 4 weeks before needed at site.

a. Request samples here after confirming budget, reviewing our product pages for options, and narrowing down the look you’re after.

b. Confirm the following to get an item cost:

  • Product—see our surface options here
  • Profile—see our profile options here
  • Wood grade—character select or premium clear (premium clear grade available in shiplap profile only).  Character select grade has unlimited knots whereas premium clear grade is an almost knot-free grade of wood
  • Oil prefinish—choose an oil prefinish color and formula option

c. Confirm specifications, details, and material takeoff with your project team, consulting specifications on this page:

Please inform all info below by email or phone so that we can complete a formal quote:

a. Project information

  • Purchasing entity
  • Contact’s name
  • Contact’s phone number
  • Contact’s email address
  • Billing address
  • Delivery address
  • Installation address
  • Delivery address is commercial or residential?
  • Delivery contact person and telephone number


b. Each line item spec and volume

  • Surface option
  • Profile option
  • Grade option
  • Oil prefinish option
  • Square-foot tally for shiplap, or linear-foot tally for square-edge items


c. Inform if you need accessories found here

*All fields must be filled out completely. Incomplete RFQs will not be processed
*Please add a healthy overage ranging 15~25%, as shipping additional material can be very expensive

d. Review your Proposal for accuracy, and either request revisions or sign and return by email to your salesperson directly or to, or fax to 503-828-3665

e. We will reply to the signed Proposal with an Invoice including payment instructions. We prefer check or wire payment, but accept credit cards for totals under US$3,500.  Wires or credit cards only from Canada. 100% down payment is required and lead time starts at payment receipt.

a. Make sure the delivery contact and installer read the Offload and Installation Instructions before shipment.

b. Receive the shipment by being ready at the delivery window informed by the trucker, and coordinate directly with the trucker as needed using the tracking number we provide at shipment. To offload you will need a forklift–please consult with us otherwise. The crates are designed to be easily opened with an impact driver and metal shears.

c. Our product is installed just like any other wood siding material. We recommend acclimation at site and each unit of lumber ships stickered without the need to restack. We include touch up oil with each shipment for cuts, rips, and notches. The installer is welcome to call us with questions M~F 6am~3pm PST.

With yakisugi (shou sugi ban) siding the traditional Japanese sabi (patina) aesthetic values weathered patina over shiny and new. Exterior siding can be re-oiled at any time in the future to freshen up as desired.

traditional japaneses yakisugi (shou sugi ban)