Nakamoto Forestry inventories Cryptomeria japonica (ie “sugi”) exclusively, a species in the cypress family indigenous to Japan. Cryptomeria is a highly rot-resistant wood with a janka hardness of about 350–very similar in texture to American cypress.  We have three main product surfaces that can each be custom finished to achieve a desired look. These three product surfaces are Suyaki (original charred), Gendai (brushed once), and Pika-Pika (brushed twice).

Nakamoto Forestry North America inventories 6” nominal lap siding in all three surface grades and custom finishes at our Portland, Oregon shop. Provided we have the stock on hand, we can top-coat and ship quickly. Please see our standard lapped profile here. We also stock SS316 ring-shank nails custom coated in black.

We mill by traditional methods optimized to our product.  The yakisugi manufacturing process is not simply focused on the charring and quenching stage, it is a holistic process developed over centuries.  Outside of the log always faces out on the profile, and each board is graded to the specific end product at each stage of production.  We air and sun dry, deselecting boards that warp or check.  Additionally, we apply glue on the back side of knots as a preventive measure, and knot-holes are filled by hand with a custom tinted hot-melt resin.